Are Redring Showers Any Good?

As part of the Glen Dimplex brand, Redring has over 50 years' experience in water heating. The trusted global brand manufacture their products in the British Isles and offer a range of reliable, innovatively designed electric showers with guarantees of two or more years. Meeting the highest safety, quality and ethical standards, Redring expertly apply their broad technical knowledge and industry experience to all of their products. 

In this electric shower buying guide, we aim to answer a range of common questions about the purchase and use of electric showers.

We’ll start by introducing the models in the Redring electric showers range, discussing how they work and highlighting the key features of each model.

How do electric showers work?

Redring instant electric showers heat water on demand, making them highly efficient, with no energy or temperature losses. Requiring only a cold mains water connection and an electrical supply to install, the showers work by warming the cold water as it passes over the heating element inside the shower unit. It is then dispensed through the shower head. This makes them ideal for larger households, or homes with smaller tanks which may run out of hot water when using a mixer shower which relies on drawing hot water directly from the boiler. Because Redring electric showers only heat the water that is required, they can be a more cost effective way of enjoying hot showers than heating a boiler full of hot water.

Which Redring electric shower should I buy?

Redring Bright and Glow models feature SmartFit Technology and have been designed to make installation easy. SmartFit showers feature eight plumbing entry options, twin terminal blocks and five cable entry options. Their larger size makes them ideal as an easy replacement of most electric showers without having to retile or redecorate. 

Redring Glow showers are available in 8.5kW, 9.5kW and 10.5kW models and benefit from a 5 mode showerhead, digital display and chrome accents for a modern feel. Glow showers also provide the additional benefit of phased shutdown anti-scaling technology which not only protects your shower from scale build up but provides a safe cool start up for the next user. 

Redring Bright showers feature a 3 mode, easy clean shower head and SmartFit technology for ease of installation. The Bright range is a popular choice for those looking for a replacement shower as it is easy to install and benefits from larger dimensions, meaning there is less chance of having to redecorate the shower area after replacement. Bright showers are available in 8.5kW and 9.5kW models. 

The Redring Pure electric shower combines an attractive price point with a compact, modern design, making Pure an ideal model for cost and style conscious customers. Available in 8.5kW and 7.5kW models, Pure showers feature simple-to-use rotary dials for temperature and power settings and a simple start/stop push button for operation. 

We’ve put together this table to help you to decide which electric shower to buy from the Redring Electric Showers range

Redring Electric Shower Model Comparison Table


Phased Shutdown/


Digital DisplaySmartFitShower Head Modes
Glow 10.5kW Yes Yes Yes 5
Glow 9.5kW Yes Yes Yes 5
Glow 8.5kW Yes Yes Yes 5
Bright 9.5kW No No Yes 3
Bright 8.5kW No No Yes 3
Pure 8.5kW No No No 1
Pure 7.5kW No No No 1

Are electric showers powerful?

Very simply, the higher the kW rating of a shower, the more powerful it will be in pressure and temperature.

Remembering the way electric showers work - by passing cold water over a heating element - allows us to understand how the kW rating will affect the power of an electric shower. Higher kW showers will heat cold water quicker than lower kW showers. The quicker the water is heated, the faster it can be dispensed through the shower head at your desired temperature. A faster flow means a higher pressure. This is why you might notice a dip in water pressure when you increase the temperature as the flow will slow down in order to allow the water to heat. However, higher kW showers can heat and dispense water more quickly allowing the shower to maintain a higher and more consistent pressure

What kW electric shower should I buy?

Lower kW showers are ideal if you have a smaller water tank, a smaller household or are trying to keep running costs low. 7.5kW and 8.5kW showers provide a gentler flow of water and are usually cheaper models both to buy and run. 

A higher kW rate provides a more powerful shower with a more consistent flow of water at your preferred temperature. Higher pressure showers such as 9.5kW and 10.5kW models are better for washing products such as shampoo and conditioner out of longer, thicker hair too, meaning you won’t need to spend as long in the shower.

How much does an electric shower cost to run?

To work out how much it costs to run an electric shower:

Multiply the wattage of your shower by the amount of hours it is in use (work out the fraction of an hour where usage is needed in minutes), then divide this figure by 1,000. This will give you the kWhs used. Multiply the kWhs used by your suppliers electricity rate. 

As an example, to work out how much it would cost to run a 10.5kW shower for ten minutes where energy rate is 0.14p per kWh: 

10500x0.167 = 1753.5/1000 =1.7535x0.14= 0.24549


A ten minute shower with a 10.5 kW shower costs: 0.25p

A ten minute shower with a 9.5kW shower costs: 0.22p

A ten minute shower with a 8.5kW shower costs: 0.20p

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