There are many factors to consider when choosing which extractor fan is best for your bathroom including the extraction rate and type of operation. However, finding the quietest extractor fan is crucial to ensuring that you can use the fan whenever you need to. Nothing is worse than lying in a hot bath with a noisy extractor fan disrupting your opportunity to relax. Likewise, using the bathroom when people in the house are asleep can become an issue if the extractor fan is too noisy.

The table below sets out a selection of our quietest extractor fans which are popular among customers who are looking for low noise ventilation solutions.

Extractor Fan Range/ModelExtraction Rate (l/s)Decibels dB(A)
Greenwood Airvac CV2GIP 13 10
Vent Axia Silent Fans VASF100 15 12
National Ventilation Monsoon MONS100T 27 25
Airflow QuietAir Fan QT100 25 25
Envirovent Silent 100 SIL100 26 26.5
Manrose Quiet Fan QF100 21 27

Vent Axia Silent Fans VASF100

The Vent Axia Silent Fan range is a popular choice for those looking for silent bathroom fans. These 4 inch extractor fans are a versatile choice for bathrooms as they are suitable for mounting on walls, windows, ceilings or panels and are IPX5 rated meaning they can be used in Zone 1, close to baths and showers. The VASF100 range is also highly energy efficient running at just 5W on the highest speed.

Available with (VASF100T, VASF100TV) or without (VASF100B) overrun timers

Envirovent Silent 100 Fans SIL100

Envirovent SIL100 bathroom extractor fans combine a sleek, modern design with high performance. This energy efficient range of bathroom fans includes models with timer, humidistat and timer and PIR.

Suitable for wall or ceiling mounting Envirovent SIL100 Fans also benefit from a five year guarantee.

Greenwood Airvac CV2GIP

Running at just 10 dB(A), the CV2GIP is a near silent, continuously running fan which boasts 9 registered patents.

A solid circular fascia provides the fan with a smooth, discreet aesthetic whilst integrated SMART technology helps to reduce energy wastage, improves performance and stops nuisance running.

A short spigot design means that the CV2GIP is also ideal for use where ceiling voids are shallow.

Manrose Quiet Fan QF100

Manrose Quiet Fans are equipped with high performance turning vane systems which improve fan performance by maintaining a high output. Suitable for wall or ceiling mounting QF100 fans are available with models which benefit from either a timer, pullcord or humdistat. Manufactured using high ABS thermoplastics for strength and durability, these quiet fans come with a three year guarantee for peace of mind.

National Ventilation Monsoon MONS100T

Complete with an adjustable overrun timer, the National Ventilation MONS100T will run for 2-30 minutes after the bathroom has been vacated to ensure proper ventilation without unnecessary energy wastage.

Manufactured from a lightweight, UV-resistant plastic, the MONS100T is suitable for wall, ceiling and window mounting in bathroom Zone 1. An integrated spirit level and larger terminal block allow for accurate, level installation and easy wiring.

Airflow QuietAir Fan QT100

Airflow QuietAir Fans are highly efficient extractor fans suitable for use in bathroom Zone1 and Zone 2.

The smooth, compact façade of the QT100 not only provides a sleek aesthetic but also makes cleaning much easier. A maintenance free motor is hidden behind the rotatable front facade for a sleek asthetic which requires minimal cleaning. QT100 fans also benefit from round cable storage which allows for easy connection without the need for special tools.

Models in the range include basic (controlled via a remote switch), timer and humidistat and timer options. Models with timers also benefit from delay on settings to prohibit the fans from running immediately. This can be beneficial in stopping the fan running during short night-time bathroom trips.

So, Which Extractor Fan is Best for My Bathroom?

You may have noticed that the silent fans such as the Greenwood Airvac CV2GIP and the Vent Axia Silent Fans have a lower extraction rate. Because of their lower extraction rate these fans are better suited to smaller bathrooms, toilet or cloakroom areas. For larger bathrooms, the National Ventilation Monsoon is the best quiet extractor fan - operating at a decibel reading only slightly louder than rustling leaves -  if you are looking for a fan with a high extraction rate and the lowest decibels.

We hope that you have been able to find the best quiet extractor fan for your bathroom with the help of this post. However, if you would like any further help, please feel free to contact our friendly team for some expert advice on 0203 994 5470, drop us an email at or use our Contact Form.