It is a truth universally acknowledged that the British are terrible at developing coping strategies for their own weather conditions. Whether it’s whole country grinding to a halt at the merest sprinkling of snow or commuters slowly cooking during another ‘unexpectedly’ hot summer, Britain seems to be unable to prepare for whatever the weather throws its way.

So, presuming that the above will hold true and your office may become an unbearable furnace this summer, what can you do in order to keep your cool? We’ve put together some top tips so you can avoid sweating even if your boss has forgotten to get the air conditioner fixed (again).

Eat something cold

Ice cream and ice lollies are an undoubtedly delicious way to cool down when trapped at a desk. However, even on the warmest of days more than one is hard to justify. If you’re watching your figure, why not try creating your own healthy ice lollies using fruit juice or diet soda? Cheap ice lolly moulds are available from Amazon and Lakeland. Just fill them up and stick them in your office freezer before you leave work (with a suitably threatening note to discourage thieves) and you’ll be able to enjoy ice cold, guilt free treats the next day.

Eat something hot

It might sound counterproductive, but nipping out for a spicy wrap or bringing in last night’s curry leftovers for lunch can be a great source of heat relief. Hot food stimulates the heat receptors in your mouth, which will make you sweat and thus cool you down.

Get a desktop cooling fan 

 Trying to eat your way to satisfaction is always to be applauded, but when the heat is really on you might need to bring in the heavy artillery. Yes, we’re talking about cooling fans. Buying a simple desk fan is an inexpensive, effective way to help you stay cool, calm and concentrated. Our bestseller is the CED desk fan, which is a no-nonsense option with two speed settings and a tilt function.

If your desk is cluttered with month old invoices and dirty mugs (just us?) and you want your cooling fan to take up as little space as possible, our desk fans is ideal.  Only 150mm in diameter, this fan can be easily clipped on to your computer screen and angled so you get just the right amount of breeze.

desk fan

See our whole range of cooling fans and ventilation here.


Use a refreshing spray

When it’s too hot at work it can become impossible to concentrate, and you can feel as though your brain is slowly melting inside your head. When this critical point is reached, misting your face is a quick and easy refresher. Expensive beauty sprays are available, but in this instance nothing really beats good old tap water. Pick up an empty spray bottle from your local pharmacy, fill with water and keep in your desk drawer. When you feel yourself beginning to flag, a quick mist of water will perk you up and help you look a bit fresher too. If you’re lucky enough to occupy a seat near the kitchen, keep your spray bottle in the fridge and enjoy deliciously cold water.

Hopefully, following the above tips should help you get through the hottest days of the year when trapped inside an office.Remember though, the best solution for dealing with a sweltering summer office is to make Pimms in the parks plans for the moment the working day is done. Good luck!