Aico Smartlink - The landlords solution to tenants safety through maintenance & reporting

The popular Aico 3000 series SmartLINK detectors have been available for a couple of years now, but Aico have now gone one step further with the release of the new Ei1000G SmartLINK gateway and online portal, reporting valuable management information from your interconnected alarms. This is great news for landlords and commercial maintenance companies, allowing data and reporting of each smoke or carbon monoxide detector to be downloaded via a mobile App, tablet or on your desktop. Aico said they listened to Landlords and the common issues they had with keeping up to date with detector health and generally accessing their properties to complete these tasks, which is why Aico made the Ei1000G gateway module, providing data on detector health, mains failure notifications and end of life reports, all without having to enter the property. 

Live updates and feedback

Similar to Nest, notifications can be setup via GSM network so you can receive texts or emails on important live events and alerts such as detector failure or any other issues. All data sent is accessible from a web portal and is securely stored, which is only available to associated clients. 

Reassurance of alarm health to protect your tenants is vital

The Ei1000G gateway is reliable and easy to set up, connecting up to 12 devices fitted with the SmartLINK Ei3000MRF module using a unique radio frequency to communicate without any cables. The Ei3000G then sends information direct to the portal via a data roaming sim so you can read it on the easy to use dashboard on your personal device. The dashboard provides a full picture of information and history, doing away with old maintenance spreadsheets that many Landlords are currently using. 

Our range of Aico 3000 series smoke and heat alarms:

Aico EI3014 Heat Alarm Detector SmartLINK

• Aico EI3016 Optical Smoke Alarm SmartLINK

Aico EI3018 Carbon Monoxide Detector SmartLINK

Aico EI3024 Heat Detector and Optical Smoke Alarm SmartLINK

Aico EI3028 Heat Detector and Carbon Monoxide Alarm SmartLINK

You can install up to 12 devices per Ei1000G gateway, but with the portal you can also add multiple systems, providing complete control of your whole property portfolio in one easy to use management system.

SmartLINK technology also allows the Aico 3000 Series to be backwards compatible with previous Aico wireless interconnection technology such as RadioLINK and RadioLINK+, which is good news if you’ve recently upgraded to RadioLINK.

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