Installation of electric vehicle charging points will be a legal requirement for all new buildings from next year, the Prime Minister has announced.

What Is The New Law Covering Electric Vehicle Charging Points About?

With the majority of EV charging currently taking place at home, the government has stipulated that all new homes as well as workplaces, supermarkets and other buildings - including those undergoing large scale renovations - will be subject to the new law.

The new law surrounding electric vehicle charging points is being introduced in a bid to help the UK to achieve its aim of switching the country to electric cars and banning the sale of all new petrol or diesel cars by 2030. The installation of more charging points across the country and particularly having an electric charge point at home will be extremely beneficial to owners of new cars from popular manufacturers such as Jaguar, Volvo and Ford who plan for all their cars to be electric from as early as 2025.

How Many Electrical Charging Stations Are There In The UK?

Currently, Britain has around 25,000 charging points but according to the competition and markets authority, the country could need 10 times this amount before 2030. According to the government, the new law will see up to 150,000 charging points installed throughout the country each year, helping to make charging electric vehicles as easy as refueling with petrol or diesel and taking the stress out of where to find electric vehicle charging stations.

Where Can I Buy Electric Vehicle Chargers?

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