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Pod Point EV Chargers

Pod Point EV Chargers

Electric vehicle charging for homes and commercial properties

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Pod Point electric vehicle chargers provide reliable EV charging for many of the leading electric car brands. Pod Point's car chargers provide an efficient charging solution for electric vehicle users with a range of products for domestic and commercial applications. Designed with the latest technology, Pod Point's car chargers are Wifi enabled and can be controlled via an App on your smart device. The App will allow you to receive remote support, diagnostic checking and firmware updates, but will also provide data such as energy usage and CO2 savings.


Even more, the commercial chargers can be added to the Open Charge Network. This network allows your EV charger to be seen on the App, so EV drivers nearby will know to come to your charge point location when they need to recharge their electric vehicle. There are many benefits to having a charging point outside your business, including increased footfall and a new option for revenue.


If you are purchasing a Pod Point, you might be entitled to an OLEV Grant. Need to know more about the OLEV Grant? Pod Point has created a useful page with all the information you need to know, click here


If you're looking to make a purchase of a Pod Point Commercial EV Charger, please contact pod.point@electricpoint.com, our dedicated team will provide full pricing, delivery and availablity details.


Features include:

- Provides up to 30 miles of range per hour

- Compatible with the Open Charge network and pay-as-you-go system (commercial EV chargers only)

- Allows you to recover energy costs by charging customers customisable rates

- Built-in Wifi connection to provide remote support, diagnostic checks, firmware updates, and more

- Secure data encryption

- Tethered options available

- Twin model included in the range

- Pod Point accessories including power cable bag, solo locking mechanism and EV charge cables


Model NoNo of Charge PointsOutputCable TypeApplication


Single 7kW  Untethered cable  Domestic


Single 7kW  Tethered cable  Domestic


Single 7kW  Untethered cable


Twin 7kW (3.5kW each)  Untethered cable











Please note: You must be a certified Pod Point domestic installer to fit and commission this unit. To become a certified domestic Pod Point installer, please visit here

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