On the 30th December 2022 a new security regulation came into force affecting all EV Chargers sold in the UK. This is in addition to the regulations already introduced on 30th June 2022.

Due to manufacturing, component and supply chain issues, many manufacturers at present, do not have a unit available that fully complies to all regulations. This has left resellers with a significant amount of stock that does not meet the 30th December 2022 requirements and little or nothing to offer in its place. The OPSS understand the affect of this, not only on the supply chain but also on sustainability, no one wants to see these units end up in landfill because of an amendment to regulations. They have allowed Manufacturers and Resellers to apply for Enforcement undertakings to help the supply chain and allow the sell through of excess 30th June 2022 compliant units(details on regulations and undertakings are available here).

Following our application to the OPSS for an Enforcement Undertaking, we can continue to sell 30th June 2022 compliant units until a) our application is rejected or b) approved and our undertaking ends.

We are hopeful that our application is approved and if successful a copy will be available to download here. If unsuccessful the units will be immediately removed from sale.

Consumers and installers are not affected in anyway by purchasing and or installing a 30th June 2022 compliant unit, responsibility falls with the manufacturer and second seller in the supply chain to have an Enforcement Undertaking in place.

The main differences in units that are 30th June 2022 compliant and 30th December 2022 compliant are as follows:

Manufacturers must ensure 30th December 2022 compliant units provide adequate security in order to protect:

  • Passwords
  • Communications
  • Data Input
  • Security Logs
  • Cyberattack Protection
  • Software Updates

Manufacturers are also required to protect against harm or disruption to the electricity system and the charger. 30th December 2022 compliant Chargers must therefore:

  • Have protection against tampering and deliberate damage
  • Log if the charger casing has been tampered with
  • Be configured to protect the electrical grid from disruption from the charger
  • Keep a safety log for all above events

If you are unsure or have any further questions please contact our sales team who will endeavour to help. You can contact us on 0203 994 5470, drop us an email at sales@electricpoint.com or use our Contact Form.